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"El abrazo roto" is the third piece of the "Nueva tanda" by Gabriel Núñez, describing the liberation of a woman in a set of 3 tangos. Fracanapa New Tango Quintet had the joy to record this video at, Wiesbaden, in February 2022, with Ingo Schmidt-Lucas (Cybele AV Studios)

 "Das Endlose Begehren" - what does Endless Longing sound like? I wrote this waltz for the series "5 sensations" with the wonderful pianist Volker Jaekel. I am so touched by the way he brought this delicate piece to life!

Tango meets Martial Arts - this is a performance we did with our wonderful team - Lilia, Nichelle Felix, Master Jie Rui Zhang and of course La Bicicleta.  It is based on my music "Tangrenalín" and was first performed at the Contemporary tango Festival Berlin in 2018. Our Trailer shows extracts from a performance at Spiegelzelt Berlin, May 2019

"Landungsbrücken" is part of the music I composed for the sound installation "Klangpark Hamburg" at the car park at Hamburg Central Station. In the installation, the piece is blended with sounds from the tourist landing bridge.
Landungsbrücken - Judith Brandenburg
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(A production together with recording producer Jean Szymczak, Studio P4 Berlin, for DB Bahnpark GmbH, 2017)

""La Bicicleta auf Winterreise" is La Bicicleta's instrumental version of Franz Schubert's famous song cycle "Winterreise". I adapted Schubert's wonderful music to tango nuevo, and together with Corinna Söller and Florian Kellerhals we played and played until it became our very own commitment to Schubert. Our special guest in this programme is the bassoonist María-José García Zamora. This may well be the first bassoon ever in tango... On February 19th 2017, the WDR recorded our Concert at "Jülicher Schlosskonzerte", broadcast followed on April 7th.

Our view on "Winterreise" was particularly well recieved in Japan at the WMDF Hakodate in August 2017.

 Der Sänger Frank Schulze singt argentinischen Tango - in deutscher Sprache! Endlich ist die reiche Gefühlswelt der Tangopoesie im Konzert in Deutsch erlebbar! Bald geht Frank Schulzes Projekt "Sprechen Sie Tango?" an den Start. Volker Jaekel und ich sind an seiner Seite, wenn er die existenziellen Fragen stellt, die uns alle bewegen - Wer? Wohin? Wann? Warum?
Ja, warum nicht?

"Sombras azules" is still one of my titles which the audience likes best, and I have performed it with many musicians and recorded several times. Listen to La Bicicleta's live-recording with our special guest Manfred Preis, bass-clarinet player of the Berliner Philharmoniker.

Sombras azules

At the Contemporary Tango Festival 2016 in Berlin Central Station,, La Bicicleta did a wonderful inspiring performance together with Santiago Hernandez and Juliana Aparicio. After an improvised introduction they danced a most stunning choreograohy to my "Fuga".

Quite a few people told me they thought of me when they watched the advert for Audi Black Edition on TV. Well, yes, it was me playing the bandoneon... recorded at Supreme Music Berlin, April 2017

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